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Do you want to choose a good plumber in Gastonia NC? Start by making sure they have a membership in a professional association and positive reviews online. There is something else to keep in mind, but these two elements combined will ensure that the plumber meets certain standards and will provide a good job.

Most people will simply search for a local directory or search online and, depending on the urgency of the problem, choose the first plumber to come forward.

But, as in all other trades, finding a good plumber is not always easy. Make no mistake and you could end up with the problem popping up again, or even worse, finding that you have acquired new problems.

There use to be some easy things to remember at the time of choosing a plumber.

The essential criterion for selecting a good plumber

Always choose a qualified plumber

If you have a very basic plumbing problem and you are a DIY fan, you may be able to solve it yourself. If not, a local handyman should be able to sort things out like a leaky faucet. But for anything else, always opt for a plumber qualified as a plumber.

To make sure you have a good and qualified plumber, look for plumbers on the websites of professional associations or who display the logos of these associations on their site or advertisements.

The main professional associations covering plumbers in Gastonia are:

  • Association of Plumbing and Heating Contractors. They work with government, boards, unions and consumer organizations to ensure that their members adhere to specific standards.
  • Certified Institute of Plumbing and Heating Engineering. With more than 12,000 members, this association aims to raise the standards in the industry and ensure its members respect them.
  • Gas Safe Register. This is the official list of qualified gas engineers to work safely and legally on gas appliances. According to the law, gas engineers must be included in this register to carry out work in European countries.

Members of these professional associations are required to meet minimum standards of safety and competence, as well as to provide good customer service.

A qualified plumber, registered with these groups will have very little chance of compromising their reputation due to bad practices and excessive costs.

Do you have to choose a local plumber?

There are advantages and disadvantages for a local plumber compared to a national plumbing company.

Here are some reasons why a local plumber might make more sense:

The e Price

Very often, a local plumber will be more flexible with regard to prices and will be more inclined to take into account all the subtleties of a job. Large plumbing companies typically work with a rate card, which is generally less open to negotiation.


A real local plumber will not want to tarnish his reputation and with sites like Google Professional, it’s easier than ever for customers to advertise their dissatisfaction. This is not to say that large companies will be less likely to offer good service, but bad corporate criticism generally has less impact than that of a local plumber as a plumber.

Support local businesses

It’s more of a personal point, but when you choose a local plumber, you support local businesses, which is generally good for your city or city.

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