Rodent Control Charlotte NC – Are Rats The Worse Rodent?

Methods For Rodent & Rat Control

Some of the best Rodent Control | Charlotte NC methods include: trapping, elimination, removal of rodents and control of mice. If you own a home with wild mice or squirrels in your attic a trap door can be installed at the main entryway to eliminate squirrels out of the attic. This method can prove very effective. Other methods include sprays, powders and devices that can lure mice indoors.

rodent control Charlotte NC


Insecticides, traps and rodent control products can be bought at your local nursery or on the Internet. A great product for controlling mice and rats is an ultrasonic rodent deterrent called Pro Squirrel Xtrail. This product will eliminate any mice or rats inside your house and will reduce their numbers considerably. You can purchase this item at your local nursery or place of purchase.

Excellent Methods For Rat Control In Charlotte

An excellent method for reducing rodent populations is sealing around your foundations, gutters, downspouts and all possible access points. Sealing around your foundation will keep out mice, rats and even possums. However, this method is not practical for a standard attic vent problem as the exhaust system is at ground level. Professional rodent control experts recommend sealing around your foundation, vent opening and gutters.

Rodent Control Needs To Be Done Professionaly

In some cases your best solution will be to cage your mouse or squirrel. This will ensure they do not escape, but it takes away the potential for them to build a nest. Cageing involves placing a small cage with bars on the floor inside the area you want to keep the animal out. This will prevent them from building a tunnel under the bars. This type of cage is often made of wire mesh similar to that used in animal cages.

Contain Rodents For Spreading In Your Charlotte Home

There are other methods to capture and contain rodents in your home. Some methods are more humane and have less impact on the animal. Catching and releasing the animal, or placing a trap outside, can often reduce population size for several days. Animal trapping or product sales can sometimes reduce the numbers to manageable levels. Many people prefer to catch and release the rodents.

Capturing Rodents?

Regardless of which type of rodent control methods you choose, you will want to be sure to follow instructions carefully. If you are new to rodent control you should seek professional assistance. Professional service providers will understand the best methods for attracting and capturing the rodents. They can also provide information about various pest control products that are available. Many products have rat and rodent repellents available.

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