The Best Print Shop In Charlotte

The Best Print Shop In Charlotte

In the life of every company, there comes a time when it becomes necessary to contact the printing house. Rather, this need arises more than once, and with the development of the company, requests become more complex and diverse. The first time you come to IMP-MEDIA print shop, your business cards, then – flyers, then again business cards, but for employees. This is where the history of relationships begins. The first impression of the manager’s work, the coincidence of aesthetic preferences with the life credo of the designer, the speed of reaction to the request – the combination of all these nuances and leads either to the development of relationships or to the search for another provider of printing services.


And now you are working fruitfully, the company is developing and growing, and there is a need for a new type of service but suddenly it turns out that your supplier is no longer able to help you, he does not have the necessary production capacities. The world does not stand still, and you go looking another printing house, where you will be provided with all the necessary services, will print business cards and a large circulation of leaflets for the promotion.

Therefore, if you may, it’s the advice of a professional. Choose a high-level printing house right away: with your own production, so as not to overpay resellers; with full-time designers to be able to work with one “creator” who will know your preferences and denials; with a permanent manager so as not to lose bonuses and discounts.

Printing house “48 hours” is just what you need. Here, each customer will be able to find his own personal manager, the entire range of printing services, outdoor advertising and souvenir products.

Let’s look at several types of printing and their main differences.

Digital printing. It is used for the manufacture of small circulations of printing products: business cards, leaflets, calendars, booklets, catalogs, stickers, postcards, envelopes, etc.

Typically, printing occurs on paper of A3 format and a density of 80 g / m2 to 300 g / m2, including design.

Not the most affordable option, but for a trial run, for an exclusive offer or a limited series of products is quite acceptable.

Only here you will receive a full-color high-quality image on designer paper!

Offset printing.  Why does the manager offer you more circulation, but cheaper? Often we conduct explanatory conversations with customers. Another type of printing, another technology, other consumables – the combination of these factors allows us to make you such an offer in order to save your money. Optimum price-quality ratio!

Silk screen printing.  A special type of printing allows you to apply the image on various surfaces: paper, textiles, film, LDPE bag, plastic, ceramics, metal, etc. You can brand pens, lighters, toys,  t-shirts , baseball caps, mugs, glasses , etc.

Here the price will depend heavily on the circulation: for small runs – high, the larger the circulation, the more profitable the price.

This printing method also allows us to induce beauty after other types of printing, namely to make selective varnishing: glossy, matte, using glitter (varnish with sparkles). Only we have full-color printing on textiles with special effects!

To help you make the right and most profitable choice in the “ocean of printing” – this is the main task of the manager of our printing house!

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